From humble beginnings in 2008, I started my first agency specialising in web design. My passion for marketing and the significance of nurturing online brands have always been at the core of my beliefs. 

Despite encountering well-designed websites, a common obstacle persisted – the lack of compelling content.

In 2020, with two young kids, I launched Content Hive, focusing solely on content.

Now in its fourth year, Content Hive continues to thrive by addressing the common struggle many businesses face – the scarcity of time and understanding for content creation. My passion lies in assisting businesses in not just having an online presence but ensuring they rise to the top of Google’s search engine through strategic measures like keyword research, blogs, email marketing, and social media strategies.

However, in 2023, a new challenge emerged. While we were excelling in creating outstanding content for our clients, the stumbling block shifted to their websites hindering conversion rates.

Recognising the crucial role of web design, we welcomed a web developer into our team, and we started creating websites to help enhance the content. We had to find a way to merge content and design to work seamlessly together. We knew that when it came to conversion, both were important.

Seeing a rising demand for web development and design services, we decided to diversify in late 2023. Thus, Content Sites was born.

Content Sites is not just about designing websites. It’s a content-centric business.

We invest time in understand your audience and delve into the words they use to search for your product or service on Google. Our approach is to leverage content to enhance your business’s visibility, build trust, and establish authority.

Through a systematic process, we make your website an effective tool for attracting clients, generating leads, and ultimately driving sales. Our unique design philosophy revolves around aligning the website with the content to make it work for you.

Remember, having the most visually appealing website means little if potential clients can’t find you online.

Welcome to Content Sites.


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We are passionate to create deeply connected brands, services, and campaigns to enable stable and successful relationships between businesses and customers.

Insights & Strategy

Strategy and insights are forward-looking plan for your brand.

–  Keyword Research
–  Branding & Positioning
–  Conversion Strategy
–  Optimisation Strategy 


Content helps your company to have the unique plan for your brand.

–  Copywriting
–  Social Media
–  Interactive Media
–  Motion Design
–  Illustration
–  Photography & Video

Experience Design

UI/UX design gives the appearance above your brand’s behavior.

–  User Research & Testing
–  UX Design
–  Visual Design
–  Information Architecture

Lead Generation

Advertising and scale help to have a unique plan for your brand’s life.

–  Search Engine Optimisation
–  Search Engine Marketing
–  Optimised Landing Pages

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Combining expertise in web development, design innovation, and content strategy with SEO knowledge, we collaborate passionately to enhance the online presence of businesses, creating seamless UI/UX and compelling digital experiences.