Holistic Massage Therapy

The Holistic Massage Therapy website did not represent the brand accurately and it was clear that a fresh strategy had to take place to help them shine. We needed the website to not only function well but to also be a visual representation of what was on offer to entice website users to book a service. It was evident that new photos were needed so that we could completely change the first impression that users have when coming onto the website. We wanted the website to feel soft and inviting.

⬤ 01. Details

With over 15 years of experience nestled in the heart of Coolangatta, Holistic Massage Therapies has thrived through word of mouth and a rich history.

Despite this success, their online presence fell short, failing to accurately reflect their brand. To propel further growth, the company recognised the need for significant improvements in their online space.


To craft a website that authentically captures the essence of the brand, ensuring clients instantly connect with who they are what they offer. In other words, to create a better and more accurate first impression.

⬤ 02. Challenges

First impressions matter. A fresh new look was needed to present a more accurate representation of the brand.

Revamping the website required fresh, authentic photos to vividly portray the brand, enabling clients to instantly grasp its essence. 

Achieving this balance meant combining great design, beautiful and natural photos, and well-optimised content, all working together to highlight and showcase the brand’s unique offerings.

⬤ 03. Experience

In their natural environment, we captured stunning photos to showcase the essence of the brand.

We captured more than 400 photos for the client, ready to be featured on their website, as well as for continuous use on social media and marketing materials. 

Using these images, we crafted a beautiful website that not only mirrored the brand’s harmonious nature but also ensured a positive user experience for every visitor.

⬤ 03. Mobile Experience

Putting our focus on
changing the way people
think of mobile experience.


Double digit growth

“From branding, product design and layout, website and mobile development, Signature led and executed on great ideas with remarkable talent, and within an easy and collaborative ecosystem. I’d work with them again and again.”

Colin Lucido

Holistic Massage Therapy

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