Lisa Bourke

The development of the Lisa Bourke website was to provide the brand with a platform to showcase the importance for professionals to own their own space through a personal branding website. Along with this, it needed to be a place for Lisa to foster collaboration and create new opportunities for the growth of her own company. To create credibility in her own brand, she needed a website that established her own identity first. The website had to be fresh, educational, and inspiring with great photos throughout a collaborative space.

⬤ 01. Details

Lisa Bourke, a dynamic Digital Strategist, is dedicated to empowering brands to thrive in the online realm.

Known for her proactive approach to marketing, Lisa actively engages in guest speaking events, skilful event coordination, and strategic online branding initiatives. We recognised the need for a platform where individuals can explore her offerings, fostering greater collaboration and the emergence of new opportunities.


To showcase the importance for professionals to own their own space through a personal branding website, as well as to provide a platform for Lisa to share her offerings and explore collaboration opportunities.
⬤ 02. Challenges

To find a way to create a strong personal brand to help build credibility and trust with her audience.

Personal branding is essential in today’s competitive market, and we wanted Lisa’s website to showcase the challenges that people face in getting their brand across. 

Personal branding helps to establish trust and credibility, which are the key factors to success. Through Lisa’s own personal branding, the aim was to help others with theirs.

⬤ 03. Experience

We designed a website to spotlight Lisa’s personal branding and to support others in their own endeavours.

Personal branding involves effectively communicating your brand’s messages through the right design and content. To achieve this, we arranged a photoshoot to capture images for the website and ongoing social content. 

Ensuring alignment with the brand’s look and feel, we designed the website around these photos, creating a welcoming and collaborative space.

⬤ 04. Mobile Experience

Putting our focus on
changing the way people
think of mobile experience.


Double digit growth

“From branding, product design and layout, website and mobile development, Signature led and executed on great ideas with remarkable talent, and within an easy and collaborative ecosystem. I’d work with them again and again.”

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