7 Web Design Must Haves in 2024

Do you need a website? The short answer is yes. The more empathic answer is of course you do! To run a successful business, you not only need a place for people to come to see your credentials, but you also need a place that can generate leads to turn curious customers into buying ones. But when it comes to building your website, a lot of people forgo some of the biggest must haves to make that conversion happen. With that in mind, let’s look at seven tips to get your website working for you.

#1 Build with your brand in mind

Does your website reflect your brand? Are you using the right fonts and colours so that your brand is instantly recognisable the moment someone goes to your website? Establishing a brand kit is important. Before embarking on website development or crafting social media content, ensure your brand kit is well-prepared to maintain consistency. Let your brand’s personality show across all platforms. Whether your brand is focused on education or entertainment, maintain a consistent voice throughout your communications.

#2 A user friendly experience

You want the entire user experience to be easy, responsive, and welcoming. Every heading and button should work, every page should look good, and there should be no confusion for anyone trying to access what they need on your site. Make sure your navigation is easy so that users can move through your site with ease.

#3 Looks good on mobile and desktop

Many people make sure their site looks incredible on a desktop and then completely forget that it needs to look good on other devices, too. How often do you visit a website on your phone? Probably a lot more than you do on your desktop, especially if you’re not sitting by your computer all day. A good website should work well no matter where it’s viewed.

#4 Great content

At the heart of a good website is the content. Without great content, you’re not going to capture someone’s attention for long. Your content needs to reflect your brand, be optimised for SEO, and stay updated and fresh. Content comes in many forms, such as blog posts, social media posts, videos, reels, etc. Content plays a crucial role in attracting visitors to your website and making it relevant to their needs. When users turn to search engines, they are actively seeking information or answers.

#5 Strong SEO

Simply having a good-looking website is not enough. If you want to drive traffic to your website and turn visitors into paying customers, then you need a good SEO strategy. Make sure your website is optimised for SEO through keyword research and implantation, proper headings, backlinks, internal links, and good meta descriptions.

#6 Quick loading

Speed matters. If your website doesn’t load quickly, you’ll quickly lose your visitors, and the first impression of your company won’t be favourable. Make sure all your images are resized and optimised, and check your speed through some free sites such as PageSpeed Insights, or Pingdom Website Speed Test.

#7 Good call-to-action

Your website needs a good call-to-action. Ensure that visitors understand what actions to take once they land on your page. Guide them seamlessly through the desired conversion process so that you can turn them into paying customers.

Don’t build a website just for the sake of having one. Your website should look good, be aligned with your brand, and most importantly it should bring you customers.

We prioritise design and content

With a focus on great content and design, we build websites that convert! At Content Sites, we’re here to help you not only create great content for your site and generate more traffic, but to also make your website look amazing! It’s where design and content meet, to create a website that works. Ready for a website that stands out? Chat to us today about your upcoming web project!

Lisa Bourke
Lisa Bourke