Questions To Ask When Shopping For Your New Website

When you head to the grocery store without a well-organised shopping list, it’s common to end up buying things you don’t need while forgetting the essentials. A similar principle applies when shopping for websites.

Websites are not one-size-fits-all; they’re unique to each person’s needs. To make sure you choose the perfect website for your requirements, having a list of questions to guide your decision-making is crucial. This approach ensures that your website purchase aligns precisely with what you need, just like a carefully planned grocery list ensures a successful shopping trip.

Important questions to ask when shopping for your new website

Who will be creating the copy?

Websites need copy. How else will search engines know how to find you if they don’t have any content to figure out who to show your website to? Content is one of the most important elements of a website, and is so often overlooked. Will you be creating the copy yourself? Will you be hiring someone to do it for you? If you’re going to be loading the copy yourself, will this be accessible for you?

How long will it take?

Setting expectations right from the start is important for both parties. Once you’ve chatted with your website designer about what you want, find out how long it’s going to take. If you need your website done sooner, there might be options to speed this up or to focus on the most important elements first. Communication is key when it comes to timeframes.


Do you offer payment plans?

Not everyone can afford the upfront fees that a web designer might charge to create your new website. Ask about payment plans, as this might be the perfect way to get your website up and running sooner without you having to save for it first.

Are there any lock-in contracts?

Have you ever been locked into a contract for a service you either don’t like anymore or simply don’t need anymore? It’s always best to have the autonomy to back out of something that no longer fits your needs. Ask your new website designer about all the terms and conditions of their work, including lock-in contracts.

What platform will the site be built on?

For most websites, a content management system (CMS) is used to build your site. WordPress is currently the most popular site in terms of SEO purposes, but not all web designers will use this. If SEO is important to you (which it should be), then you must find out what platform your site will be built on. This is an important decision because your platform determines the functionalities you can have on your site, as well as the creative freedom you have with it.

Will I have full access to my website once it is built?

It’s important to have full access to your website once its built. Having full access will help to keep it secure, respond quickly to issues, and maintain control of your data and content. With full access, you can customise your site easily, and reduce your reliance on others for updates. Having full access is a smart move for responsible website ownership as it allows you to adapt to changing needs and protect your online presence effectively.

How much will you charge me for updates?

Make sure you find out if they’re going to charge for updates, or if updates are something you can do yourself. Educating yourself on your website so that you’re not left in the dark about potential costs is essential. Knowing how much updates will cost and whether you can handle them independently will help you stay in control of your budget, and ensure your website remains up to date without any unexpected financial surprises.

What does their portfolio look like?

When choosing someone to create your new website, make sure to ask for examples of previous websites they have done so that you can get an idea of the styles they are accustomed to. Have they created websites that you like? Go with someone whose work you admire because this is a big investment for your career.

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Lisa Bourke
Lisa Bourke